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If you are bored and want to watch movies and seasons, but you don’t have enough time to sit in front of TV due to busy routine, then don’t worry. We have a mobile app where you can see all your favorite shows and movies on your mobile phone. Amazon Prime is that app that can turn your device into a TV.

This mobile app has millions of users all over the world and that is the main reason why it has top ratings and reviews. Amazon Prime app has everything that can kill your boredom as you can watch movies, TV shows, web series, cartoons, sports and more on this app. This online streaming app has different categories so that you will never face any difficulty while searching for your favorite content.

You can also watch multiple TV channels on the Amazon Prime app without any hassle. The user interface of this application is the best and very easy to understand. Amazon Prime online video streaming app gives you quick response with good UI and optimization. You don’t need a high-end smart device to run this app, which means you can easily download and install this app on any average smart device.

The features of Amazon Prime are unique which makes this video streaming app different from others. So let’s look at them and see if they are so good or just average.

Amazon Prime Video

What is Amazon Prime APK?

This is the basic standard version of the Amazon Prime video streaming app. This version or this app is free to download so you can get this app on your device for free. For this standard version of this app, you need a subscription to run all features of this app.

You can buy a one month subscription for this app so that you can easily watch all your favorite movies and shows. In this version of Amazon Prime, you will see ads and popups. So, if you want to take full advantage of this application, buy a subscription.

What is Amazon Prime Mod APK?

There is a cracked version of Amazon Prime, also known as the mod version. This mod version has some specialties that you will never see in the basic standard version of this app. When using Amazon Prime in the mod version, you will never see any type of advertisement because this version is ad-free.

There will be no disturbance or interruption for you. As this is the mod version so you don’t need to buy the subscription as the mod allows you to use the entire app for free. You can watch all movies and different shows without paying for them only in the mod.

Amazon Prime Video

Multiple Channels

This is the best feature of Amazon Prime as there are many online video streaming apps which do not allow you to watch channels but Amazon has this epic feature for its users. In this app you can watch all your favorite channels like HBO, Cinemax, Paramount, STARZ and many more as it has more than 100 channels.

This means you have plenty of options in Amazon Prime to watch any channel on it. After installing this app on your smart device, you don’t need a wired connection because Amazon Prime has it all for you.

Various categories

Amazon Prime is a well organized app as it has a unique user interface which makes this app easy to use. All the options of this application will be on the screen to be used. When you get so much content, sometimes it becomes very difficult to find a particular movie or show. That’s why Amazon Prime has a category box where you’ll see everything divided into a category.

So it will be very easy for you to find among the categories like if you want horror shows then go to this category. There are many categories like these, so select your favorite and enjoy.


Sometimes it becomes very difficult to understand other languages ​​in movies or shows. That’s why the Amazon Prime app has this useful feature where you can use subtitles to understand. You can easily enable subtitles in your movies and shows and there are some languages ​​like English, Hindi, Spanish, Japanese and others.

Choose your language and enjoy your favorite show or movie. There is no time limit for subtitles, so once you enable this option, it will remain on screen until the show ends.

Amazon Prime Video

Download and watch offline

This feature is very important especially for people who don’t get enough data or WIFI to stream online. Amazon Prime has this feature where you can download movies, TV shows, web series, cartoons and other content.

Just hit the download button and save all your favorite content to watch later. You can watch all downloaded content offline, so you don’t need data or Wi-Fi connection when watching downloaded content.

possibility of casting

Casting feature is very unique as it allows you to cast your mobile with any other smart device like TV, Tablet, Firewall TV and many more. Amazon Prime comes with this feature. So, while using this app, if you want a big screen, you can easily cast your device with the TV. It is very easy to use this feature as all you have to do is go to the casting option and it will automatically detect other devices around you.

No subscription needed

The standard version of Amazon Prime needs your subscription otherwise you cannot use this app, but the subscription is not a problem in the mod version. You can use the Amazon Prime app without subscription only in the mod version.

All features and options will be available for use without a subscription. Which means the mod version of this app saves your money because it provides you with a full app for free. So if you want a free Amazon Prime app, go for the mod version.

No ads in the mod version

Ads tease most especially when watching your favorite show. That’s why the mod version gives relief, which means there will be no ads. You don’t need to turn off your internet connection while using this app because the mod version is completely free from ads. So you can safely watch all your movies and shows on Amazon Prime in the mod version.

Amazon Prime Video


Huge media library
All recent and old content
Search bar
Several categories
More than 100 TV channels
casting function
Download and watch offline
Single user interface


You must purchase a subscription


Amazon Prime is an online video streaming application that offers lots of quality movies, TV shows, series, sports and other content for their users. This awesome app also allows you to watch TV channels with just one click. You can even download to save all your favorite content on this app. With all these great features, you will never get bored of Amazon Prime because it is so much fun.

This app is highly recommended by their fans. If you also want to convert your mobile device into a small TV, download the Amazon Prime app from our website. Watch your favorite content and don’t forget to share your experience in the comment box.


Q. Is Amazon Prime Mod APK download free?

Yes! Amazon Prime is a free app which means you don’t need to pay to download this app on your mobile device.

Q. How to use Amazon Prime Mod APK without subscription?

If you don’t want to buy Amazon Prime subscription then download the mod version of this app. Install this version of Amazon Prime and you are free to use this app without subscription.

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