Ball Blast Mod Apk v1.85 Download Unlimited Money

Ball Blast is an excellent arcade game with interesting and fun gameplay. You have to dodge and shoot the giant balls in the game. The game is so simple but fun to play because as you go up in the game the balls will get more giant and contain more numbers. This game has eye-catching graphics with colorful effects and animations.

The controls in this game are so simple that all you have to do is swipe across the screen to control your cannon. There are various upgrades in the game that will make your cannon more powerful and faster.

You can shoot down big giant balls to collect coins which you can then use to upgrade your cannon and buy different cannon skins. Maximize your cannon’s ability to quickly split giant balls into smaller ones. This game is lightweight and does not consume much storage in the device.

Bullet Blast Mod Apk

What is Ball Blast Apk?

Ball Blast is an interesting and fun game where you have to shoot the big rocks that come out of nowhere. Your cannon will shoot the giant rock balls and convert them to smaller ones until they disappear. As you survive in a game, the giant balls will have more numbers for you to knock down. Easily upgrade your cannon to get more speed and parts bonuses. Collect coins and use them to increase the accuracy of your cannon. This game has simple controls and optimized graphics.

What is Ball Blast Mod Apk?

Ball Blast Mod is the cracked version of this fun arcade game. Get unlimited coins and gems in game which you can use to restore your level. You can use your endless coins and gems to upgrade your cannon and fire speed to the maximum level. All game items are fully unlocked in the game which makes it even more awesome. You don’t need to watch video ads to get free hearts because you can use gems to get free hearts. Increase firepower and quickly score the highest in the game.

Is Ball Blast Mod Apk an offline game?

Yes, you can easily play this game without any data connection as it is an offline game.

How to get unlimited coins in Ball Blast game?

Get unlimited coins for free by downloading the modded version of the game from our site without any hassle.

Can I upgrade my cannon in the Ball Blast game?

Yes, you can absolutely upgrade your cannon to increase the firepower to easily get a higher score in the game.

Bullet Blast Mod Apk


fun game

Ball Blast is a fun game with fun gameplay where you have so many challenges in one game mode. You have a small cannon in the game and you have to shoot big giant rock balls coming from the sky. You can score higher if you avoid and destroy all giant balls. Keep your cannon away from those rock balls and hit them to make them smaller. There are also various upgrades that can allow you to go further in the level.

Increased difficulty

There is only one game mode which is so fun because it will start to increase in difficulty as you start staying longer in the level. These giant balls will keep getting bigger and bigger and you can only avoid them after breaking them into small pieces. As you progress in the game you can increase your cannon firepower otherwise it will be so hard for you to stay longer in a level. The game will become more difficult so you need to prepare your cannon to face these challenges in the game.

Simple graphics

Ball Blast comes with quite simple and eye-catching graphics. It has 2D graphics but the best thing is that the game background will keep changing. There will be so many unique background transitions as you progress through the game. Receive enthusiastic feedback by hitting the giant rock ball using your cannon. You will experience stunning colorful animations in the game.

upgrade cannon

This is a fun feature of this game where you can upgrade your cannon to make it more powerful. You can customize your cannon and completely change its appearance by spending in-game coins. Play the game to earn coins that you can use to upgrade your cannon and firepower.

free to play

Ball Blast is absolutely free and safe to download and play. You don’t need to spend money for this game. However, there are in-game ads that you can get rid of by spending money on it. If you want to earn more coins fast, you can use cash to buy coins, otherwise the game is absolutely free.

module features

Endless pieces

Ball Blast Mod is the hacked version of the game with unlimited coins. There are endless coins in the game which means you can easily upgrade your cannon to the maximum level without even playing the game. Everything in the game is absolutely free and you can purchase any item in the game. game store.

No ads to watch

Ball Blast Mod also features enhanced and ad-free gameplay where you will not see any kind of ads. All videos and banner ads are completely blocked in this game. It is a completely secure and fully scanned application with enhanced gameplay. Easily get the mod from our site and enjoy endless resources and ad-free gameplay without even spending real money.

Bullet Blast Mod Apk


Ball Blast is a fun game to kill your free time. There are endless levels in the game and all you can do is smash all the giant rock balls and hit them with the balls until they disappear. There are a few simple in-game upgrades you can perform to improve your cannon’s firepower and speed. You can get the mod of this game without investing anything. Easily get endless coins in this game and upgrade your cannon to max level from the start of the game. Enjoy ad-free gameplay as there will be no ads to watch. Get it now and start playing it with unlimited resources.


Q. Is Ball Blast Mod Apk free to download?

Yes, this mod game is completely free to download. There are no hidden fees. Just download it and start playing for free.

Q. Does Ball Blast Mod require a rooted device?

No, this modified game does not require anything or any device to be rooted. You can download and play this modded version of the game on any Android device.

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