Cover Fire Mod Apk v1.23.4 Unlimited Energy Free Download

Cover Fire Mod Apk:There are millions of action games created every year that win the hearts of millions of people. Users fall in love with the game and gradually the game becomes so popular that everyone starts playing and downloading it.

One such game that we are going to talk about today is called ‘Covet fire mod apk’. This game is where users can fight against tetra corp company. Users well prevent the destruction of their world by saving it with their team of soldiers.

The user must act as the captain of the team and must guide all its members and play with them in order to save the terrible things happening in the world. This game is all about non-stop action and non-stop shooting since your enemies are very eager to kill you.

This game has a number of missions to complete, and each soldier in your team has different abilities that will help you complete all your missions and achieve success. You have to download this game and have an amazing and thrilling experience. Take a look at the game specs mentioned below.

Cover Fire Mod Apk

Advantages and disadvantages :


Millions of downloads:

This game has millions of downloads which makes people seem to love it.

Easy to play:

This game is quite easy to play, with very simple controls.


Users can play this amazing game completely for free. There are no fees attached,


The installation of this application is completely secure. Users don’t have to worry about their devices at all, they are 100% safe and sound.


No matter where you are, you can play this game anywhere without internet connection.

Cover Fire Mod Apk

The inconvenients:

Heavy file size:

Since the file size of this game is huge, he will use a lot of storage on his phone.


Huge file size can slow down user’s phone and stuck in between.

Very addictive:

This game is very addictive. Users can play it for many hours which can be harmful.

Cover Fire Mod Apk


Powerful Weapons:

Users can use very huge arsenal and powerful weapons in the game to help them win different matches.

Upgrade soldiers:

Moreover, users also have the option to upgrade their soldiers with very unique skills to help you win missions. Make them faster, stronger and more.

Equip yourself with the best weapons:

Equip your soldiers with the best guns and gears so they can easily win missions.

60 assignments:

This game involves 60 different missions that users have to pass with many difficult situations and hours of gameplay.


Since you are the leader, you will have to face this tough army of enemies.

Unlock characters:

Moreover, users also have the option to unlock different characters with different unique and amazing abilities,

Choose roles:

Users can also choose roles such as sniper, demolitions and more.


The sounds of this game are extremely labyrinthine with characteristic sounds of each weapon.


This game includes very real capture based weaponry mechanics and much more.

HD Graphics:

The graphics of this game are amazing with 3D graphics giving the user a very cinematic feel.


The game also includes highly destructible environments which makes it even more exciting.

Non-stop intervention:

The game has non-stop action, don’t stop shooting and have an amazing time.

Pioneer controls:

Moreover, the game has pinoneer controls which make it even more amazing. Simply connect your fingers to the trigger and fire.


Your enemies are very eager to kill you. Just kill them with bullets, machine guns and more.

Cover Fire Mod Apk

new features:

Unlimited Money:

Users are also given an unlimited amount of money so they can buy whatever equipment they want.


Users get a bonus in new missions.

Additional card:

Additionally, if users complete the new mission perfectly, they receive an additional card.


This game’s performance improvements have increased.

Technical problems:

All technical issues this game was facing have now been resolved.

How to install?

The installation process of this game is as easy as cake. All you have to do is follow a few simple steps and you’re good to go.

Step 1:

Users should go to their Android device’s security settings and enable “unknown sources”

2nd step:

Now you need to go to the link from where you want to download it and click on it to start downloading.

Step 3:

Once the download is complete, go to file manager and search for “Cover fire mod apk”. When you find the file, click on it to start the installation.

Step 4:

Once the installation is complete, you will see the game icon on your home screen. Open it and start playing for an unforgettable experience killing your enemies!

Cover Fire Mod Apk


Q. Who is the developer of this game?

This app was developed by Genera Games.

Q. Is this an offline or online game?

This is an offline game.

Q. How many users have downloaded this app?

This game has been downloaded by 10 million users.

Q. What is the file size of this app?

The file size of this game is 347 MB.

Q. Is this game safe to download?

yes Downloading this game is absolutely safe. Users don’t have to worry about anything, their device will be 100% safe and sound.

Q.Are the controls in this game easy?

Absolutely yes. The controls of this game are very easy to use.

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