Download 1Password Apk v7.7.1 – 1Password

1password is a very useful app and it is also the highest rated app on the internet due to its great features. That’s why millions of users around the world use this application to secure their data. You just need to put all your passwords in there and it will save everything as a guard. This application is very interesting and unique because it helps you to backup and secure your data with only one strong password. This app is a complete box for those who want a strong password manager for their computers, tablets, and mobile phones. It has many cool features that you can use for your various smart devices.


Strong passwords for your online accounts

With this application you can create many strong passwords for each online account because this application gives you many different ideas for you to easily create strong passwords. This app is trusted by millions of people because people love the outstanding features of this app. This application secures all your information and data without any problem and if you want to share your passwords with your friends and family, you can do it easily.


You can unlock all your accounts with fingerprint

It is also very useful because you don’t always need to put long passwords in your accounts, so this application gives you the possibility to log in to your accounts by fingerprint. This is a very cool feature and you can set this feature accordingly. If you don’t want this feature, you can easily turn it off.


Store multiple information

There is no limitation or restriction in this app so you can easily store all kinds of information in this app. You can use different categories such as IDs, passports, bank accounts, addresses, credit cards, licenses and many more categories without any problem. It will never mix any of your information so you can easily check anything.



Q. Is this 1password app free or paid?

Nope! This application is not paid, which means that you can easily download it for free from the Internet. But after 30 days, you have to buy the subscription which is worth it.

Q. How do I get the pro version of 1password for free?

If you want free pro version then you need to get mod version of this app which you can easily download from website. Install this file on your smart device to get all features of this app for free.

Q. How big is the 1password app?

This app is very light in size as the size of this app is around 28MB from the internet which you can easily download to your mobile device.

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