Download HBO GO Apk v5.9.8

HBO Go is an entertainment app available for users who enjoy watching hit movies and TV shows on their mobile phone. There are many channels that have their apps on Android devices the same way HBO GO is no different and lets users enjoy the best movies and TV shows on their Android phones.


Original HBO interfaces

The interface is designed very similar to other mobile apps and is easy to use. Then the movies are categorized by genre, popular ratings and more. The streaming feature is built into the app, so it provides fast streaming movies and shows and unlimited watch hours.


High quality and fast service

The movies on this application are updated regularly and very quickly so that the users have them without waiting too long. The shows and movies that are screened on multiple devices and included in this app are of high quality, providing users with great content and hours of enjoyable viewing. There are all the best HBO Box Office movies and shows included that are fully licensed.


Premium plans and more

This app comes with a premium feature that allows users to access tons of exciting features and content on their devices. It allows users to connect their app account simultaneously on different devices at the same time. This package also comes with permission to connect the account with big screen devices like tablets, smart TVs as well as computers to enjoy movies and shows in full screen.



Q. Does HBO GO allow offline viewing?

Users with HBO GO on mobile or tablets can use this service easily, they can download their shows and series to watch them later or when they are on the go.

Q. Does HBO GO use too much data?

It is recommended to use Wi-Fi when streaming shows and movies on HBO GO as it will use less data and settings can be made in the device to never use data to stream.

Q. How many devices can be connected to HBO GO at the same time?

HBO GO comes with a dual-device simulcast allowance because users can stream shows and movies on two devices at the same time, but can have three devices registered.

Q. Can I watch Game of Thrones on HBO GO?

Yes definitely! Game of Thrones is available on TV as well as the app, so if users have an existing HBO cable or are logged into the HBO app, they can see GOT.

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