Dream League Mod Apk v9.12 Unlimited Player Development

Dream League is one of the most popular football games on Android with many amazing levels. This game has unique football gameplay where you can create and manage your own team. This game has stunning 3D graphics with realistic visual and sound effects. There are awesome game modes including online and tournaments. Play with friends in online multiplayer mode or you can participate in tournaments and other events to win trophies and rewards. All football players of the are real and licensed that you can buy and add them to your team. Customize your team and easily add or remove players to strengthen your team. The controls of this amazing soccer game are quite simple and easy to understand. This game is free to download, but there are in-game items that you can purchase to progress faster in the game. You can participate in 7 different cup tournaments and enjoy the gameplay for free.

dream league

What is Dream League Apk?

Dream League is an amazing and interesting football game on Android where you can create, control and customize your own team. There are so many licensed players in the game that you can unlock and add to your team. There are amazing stadiums which are very detailed and you can also enjoy commentary. You can play 7 different cup tournaments in the game to earn multiple rewards and unlock rare items. Play with your friends or challenge other soccer players around the world. Enjoy 3D graphics with simple controls.

What is Dream League Mod Apk?

Dream League Mod is the hacked version of the game which you can download for free without paying anything. With this mod version you can enjoy unlimited resources and money for free and you can buy any player in the game without wasting your time to unlock them. All tournaments and trophies in the game are unlocked, and you can easily customize your team with lots of different gear and other options. This modded game version is compatible with all Android devices and you don’t even need a rooted device to download and play this game.

How big is Dream League Mod Apk?

The size of this game is not that big and it does not consume more storage. You only need 100MB of free storage to download it without any problem.

How to get free Dream League Mod Apk?

You can easily download free and modded version of this game from our site. Just visit our site and choose the latest version of the mod for free download.

Can I play Dream League Mod Apk without internet?

No, this is an online multiplayer game and you need an internet connection to play this game, otherwise you will not be able to start the game without internet.

dream league


Interesting graphics

The graphics of this game are super extreme and provide the best gaming experience. All game items and objects are fully detailed and make the game more realistic and cool. The best part of the graphics is that you can see the realistic facial features and nameplates of all the players. The developers of this game also update the players based on the real football team management. The sound effects are awesome and the cheering sound of the crowd will make you go harder on your opponent.

Build your dream team

Dream League Soccer is an interesting game where you can create your own dream team by adding your favorite players. At first you will only have a limited number of players to add to your team, but you can play matches to unlock more licensed and real players. Add these upgraded players to your team and lead your team to victory. You are the manager of your team and it is your responsibility to build, control, manage and customize your team. Customize your team with different uniforms and equipment.

touch controls

Playing soccer on a phone with touch controls is not that difficult as long as you know the functions and terminology. You can enjoy the game with touch controls. There is a big joystick on the left side of your screen which you can use to control your player without any problem. Use the buttons on the right screen to sprint, shoot and more. These controls are not that difficult to master as they are not designed with complexities.

Play tournaments

The Dream League game has different game modes that make the game more fun. Due to the different game modes, you can maintain your interest in the game. There are 7 different cup tournaments you can participate in and if you think your team is stronger, try to qualify for the final. You must win all matches if you want to win trophies. Have fun playing it with your friends or challenge the best players online to learn new strategies.

Realistic stadiums

There are iconic stadiums in the game where you play matches and enjoy the huge crowd and their applause. You can unlock these stadiums or build your own stadium in the game. This game is about managing a team and other activities in the game. You need to have a lot of coins to build a stadium and you can collect coins by winning matches .

dream league

module features

unlimited money

Dream League Mod is the hacked version of the game which comes with endless money. Unlimited money will make the game easier as you can enjoy buying all the players and stadiums in the game. You can easily manage your squads and upgrade your squad to make them stronger and better.

Zero advertising

You can enjoy the gameplay and play football matches without seeing any advertisements. There will be no ads to watch throughout the game. This mod version is more safe and secure, it does not contain any type of virus. You can get this hacked soccer game from our site and enjoy the game for free.

dream league


Dream League is an exciting and challenging soccer game with lots of amazing features. You can easily create your own team in the game and manage to make them stronger. You can enjoy the game with your friends and challenge other players online. There are so many different tournament cups, but you have to win all of them if you want to win those trophies and cups. You can enjoy endless money and resources in the modded version of the game without spending real money. Gameplay will be more fluid and optimized as there will be no ads to watch and interrupt.


Q. Is Dream League Mod scanned for viruses?

Yes, this mod of the game is absolutely scanned from all viruses and you can easily download and play it without any problem.

Q. How to create a stronger team in Dream League game?

If you really want to become the best soccer manager then manage your team and add new upgraded players in your team so that your team can become stronger.

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