Ezfn APK 18.40 Download for Latest Version

You must have played a lot of fighting games and you know how good they are. There also needs to be variety so you can enjoy it even more. There are fighting games like Fortnite, Free Fire, PubG, etc. But here we are with a new game called Ezfn APK that might be your next favorite fighting game.

Ezfn APK is a game that allows you to form teams and attack your enemy with great power. There are deadly weapons, skins, and so many other gears that will ensure you win the battle at all costs. It allows you to play solo or in a team of several members. You can play this game with your friends who live anywhere in the world.

All you need is to get this game now by downloading it from Ezfn APK official website. This game is playable on Android smartphones very easily so you don’t need to have a PC to download this game. The PC version is available separately but we wanted to provide more convenience for users who don’t have a PC. You can also play this game on your smartphone, so get this game today.

There are so many exciting features in this game that will never let you down to the next game. Let’s read all about this game and get ready to download it now.


What is Ezfn APK?

Ezfn APK is a fighting game that will allow you to kill your enemies by forming a team or playing solo. This game contains many deadly weapons which will help you to down your enemy very easily by attacking them. This game has great 3D graphics which will make your experience even better and you will enjoy much more while playing this game. You can play this game with your friends no matter where they live. They just need this game to connect with you.

war battles

There are so many thrilling war battles in this game that you would love to play. There are many types of battles, so you will never get bored and keep playing it like crazy. With so many options, this game is actually the favorite of gamers and they always find it the best game when it comes to fighting games.


Dangerous weapons

There are dangerous weapons as part of this game and people can’t stop loving this game for this feature. The weapons are not ordinary at all, they are very dangerous and extremely professional when it comes to taking down the enemies. What you need is a single weapon to kill all the enemies that come your way because each weapon is more powerful than the previous one.

There are guns, guns, cannons, powerful bullets, AK-47s and others. All variety of weapons are available in this game so that you can have the best combat experience. Each weapon is enough to finish the other members of the enemies. So play this game now and enjoy the deadly experience of using these weapons.


There are so many places in this game that you can choose the best one. These locations indicate the variety you get with this game to play at your favorite location. So choose a location now and bring your team there to face your enemies now.


earn gold

You can earn gold in this game by completing objectives and killing all enemies. With the help of this gold you can unlock the features and weapons that have been locked in this game. That’s why you never need to make any in-app purchases because the gold earned in this game gives you will provide all the premium gear you need to play even better and build your own collection of powerful weapons.


There are skins available in Ezfn APK so you can always stay safe and get back into the game after being knocked out. You will always have a chance to come back stronger than before and fight with your enemies like crazy. All you need is confidence and great power to make it happen. Nothing is impossible when you have courage, and that’s what Ezfn APK teaches its players.

3D graphics

The graphics in this game are absolutely top notch. You won’t believe while playing this game that you are actually playing a game. It would look like a brilliant movie scene that was shot very carefully with excellent equipment. That’s how awesome this game is that for once you will forget you are playing a game. This game is all you need if you like fighting games.


This game is free to download and play on your smartphone. No fees are required for anything in this game, you can get anything for free.



3D graphics
Lethal Weapons
Play as a team or alone


Sometimes gets difficult


Q. What type of game is Ezfn APK?

Ezfn APK is a combat fighting game that allows its users to take down their enemies with the help of their team members and horrible weapons.

Q. Can I play Ezfn APK alone as a single player?

Yes, of course, you can play Ezfn APK alone as a single player if you want. There are no restrictions to play him with the team at any cost. You are free to play solo.

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