Football Strike Mod Apk v1.37.2 Unlimited Money And Cash Download

You must have played many sports games which contain the element of playing with the real sports teams and you will get the chance to play as a member of one of your favorite teams. Like in football sports you usually play with the team and you will have to score goals to make the team win but in these games you will not be able to play the other aspects of the game which means you will only be not capable of becoming the goalkeeper or manager of your team.

This way, you won’t be able to enjoy all aspects of the game of football. However, there is a football game in which you will be able to play all aspects of the game. This game is known as Football Strike. This game was developed by It is an exceptional sports game in which you will have the chance to build your own football team. You can choose your team logo, team players, and even the appearance of the characters you want on your team.

This game also offers a multiplayer mode in which you can play football with your friends. You can even integrate them into your team or play with them as an opponent. These exciting features of Strike football game make it a very attractive game and that’s why people love to play it. If you also like these games, you can learn more about this game using this article.

Soccer Strike MOD APK

Football strike is an outstanding football game in which you can build your own football team. In this game you can add your favorite members in your team and you can also play as a goalkeeper or as a manager of the team. This game contains a multiplayer mode in which you can play with your friends. You can either include them in your team or face them as opponents.

Football Strike Mod APK is the modded version of Football Strike game. In the standard version of the Strike football game, you will need money to build your own team and buy things for your team. To include different abilities in your team, you will also need money. That’s why in modded version of strike football game we have provided you with unlimited money so you can make it the best team and make sure your players are the best among all.

The main key to winning the Strike football game is the goal. Try to do as many goals as you can, you can also apply many different strategies to always achieve the goal. For example, you can aim for the corners of the field because from these corners you can shoot faster and the goal will also be close to you. You will also need to maintain your speed while completing an objective, the faster you glide across your device the faster the objective will be completed. You can also confuse the goalie so they can’t know your next move and last but not least the more you practice the more perfect you will become.

It is not very difficult to score the goal in Strike soccer game. To hit more targets, you will need to keep some metrics in mind. For example, you always have to aim for the goal and try to measure the distance so that you can shoot as fast as possible and you can also confuse the goalkeeper so that you can easily score a goal. In addition, you will also be able to adjust the power level of your strikes. You must adjust these levels according to the distance between you and the objective and finally, the electric uses will also be very useful in order to achieve perfect objectives.

Soccer Strike MOD APK

Play as striker or goalkeeper

Football Strike is an amazing game that offers two-way gameplay which means you can play this game in two ways. That you can play this game as a striker in which you will have to score goals and you will belong to a certain team and each goal will help your team to win the game and on the other hand you can play the game as a goalkeeper where you will have to stop players to score goals and do your best not to let the ball enter the net. As a goalkeeper, you will have to watch every movement of the players so that you can prevent them from scoring a goal.

Different Modes

This game also contains a variety of different modes that will never let you get bored of this game. For example, you can play this game in career mode. In the career mode, you will have to play the game at different levels and the difficulty level will increase with each stage and you can also win lots of prizes at the end of this mode. You will also be able to play this tutorial mode where you can test your own abilities such as how fast you can score a goal and how you can confuse the goalkeeper.

Customization and upgrades

Football Strike game contains lots of customizations and upgrades which means you can even customize your own team with different uniforms and you can also customize the football in the game. You can upgrade it to make it stronger and bouncy and you You can also modify the general appearance of your character. For example, you can choose another type of t-shirt or shoes to play the game.

Soccer Strike MOD APK

unlimited money

I should know that you will have to do a lot of customizations and upgrades in the standard version of Football Strike. Therefore, in the modified version, we have provided you with unlimited money so that you can perform as many upgrades for yourself and the various equipment in the game.

Soccer Strike MOD APK


Football Strike is an amazing game in which you can compete with your friends and play with them in multiplayer mode. However you will have to do some customizations in this game for which you will need money. If you want to enjoy an unlocked version of the game, you can download Football Strike Mod APK from our website.


Q. Can I play a Strike football game with my friends?

Yes, this game has a multiplayer mode in which you can play it with your friends.

Q. How do I get rewards in Football Strike?

You can earn rewards by playing career mode and multiplayer mode in Football Strike.

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