Google Index Keyboard for PC Free Download

Google Indic Keyboard for PC is a type of messaging app basically a tool that allows users to type their messages, send updates to various social networks as well as compose emails in their own native language. This app contains keyboard in many languages ​​including Assamese, Gujarati, Kannada, Bengali, Marathi, Punjabi, English and more. Not only that, but this app also supports multiple modes which users can use and get the best writings. These modes allow users to have their pronunciation, spelling and many other things checked like writing directly on the screen and allow users to get the Roman English writings also for their local daily messaging.

Google Index Keyboard for PC

Input languages

Google Indic Keyboard for PC supports multiple input methods including IMEs which are the input method editors as well as transliterations. This application includes twelve different languages ​​in which the keyboard can be used and users can easily communicate effectively online without any language barrier or problem. The app has a highly interactive user interface and allows proper customization of the app as per the needs and wants of the user.

Text conversion

The installation procedure of this tool is simple as the installation requires only one step although it needs an emulator to work properly on personal computers. This tool allows the user to easily translate their English written text into their own native language from the supported languages ​​and then use them for social media conversation. Languages ​​included are Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, Odia, Hindi, Punjabi, Bengali, English, Gujarati, Kannada and more.

Google Index Keyboard for PC

several modes

The app supports multiple modes including transcription mode, intrinsic keyboard mode, handwriting mode, and articulated keyboard mode. The first mode allows users to type words in English and get the results in their own language, the second allows them to type directly in their own congenital script, the third allows the user to write directly via the cursor on the screen and the last allows users to write both English and English terms when the input is in Hindi language.

Emoticons and Themes

Google Indic Keyboard for PC comes with various features that allow users to easily customize their keyboard by changing default themes to interactive themes and also provides users with gender specific emoticons. This app can be easily used on multiple apps including Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook and other social media apps.

Google Index Keyboard for PC


Q: Is the Google Indic keyboard for PC available for full use on personal computers?

Yes! This application is easily available for PC users and includes many modes, such as multiple languages, translation, Hinglish and more for users.

Q. How do I enable the Google Indic keyboard for PC on my personal computer?

Just add the Indian phonetic keyboards by clicking the plus (+) icon and enable it as your used keyboard and you can use it easily on your PC.

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