Hempire – Plant Growing Game Mod Apk v2.12.0 Money/VIP)

Hempire – Plant Growing Game is a simulation game where players can enjoy a series of plant growing, build their business and more through hemp production and keep producing their products to trade in markets and compete with friends to show off their harvested land.

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Hempire - Plant Growing Game

Build an empire and create hemp products

This game features an environment where players can upgrade and grow their own gear, unlock fun and special decorations and items, as well as repair and clean up their town, then make deals and grow their business. They can also create their own concoctions of products such as brownies and more to sell. Players can craft rosins, oils, shards and more, as well as create hybrids and sell weed to earn money.

Hempire - Plant Growing Game

Grow hemp and generate profits

Players can grow wet strains such as Northern Lights, Hindu Kush, Jack Herer, and more, as well as grow Indica and Sativa together. Seed customization is available and buds can be created in a farm and a business. Players can deal with locals, run dispensaries, invest money and become their own business tycoon.

Hempire - Plant Growing Game

Challenge friends

The Hempire Cup allows players to compete with other players, and Business Creation allows players to invite their friends to chat and play together. With custom strains, the player can level up the leaderboards and also ship their goods to the train depot.

Hempire - Plant Growing Game


Q. How do I build a hemp empire in Hempire – Plant Growing Game?

The player will have to improve and repair his harvesting equipment, unlock decorations and special items, repair and clean the city, sell items to earn more money and will have to develop his activity.

Q. How big is Hempire – Plant Growing Game?

The file size of this game and the minimum space required on the phones to install it is 62MB.

Q. How do I create hemp products in Hempire – Plant Growing Game?

Players can brew cookies, brownies, and other CBD and THC-infused treats by breeding hybrid strains for high taste, can craft hash, rosin, oils, shatter, and other concentrates, then trade and sell for a profit.

Q. Can a player compete with his friends in Hempire – Plant Growing Game?

Yes they can! Players can join the Hempire Cup and compete against other players and their friends or can create a business, get their friends to join using the invite system and chat and play with them.

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