House Flipper Mod Apk 1.163 Unlimited Money And Unlocked Latest Version

There are many businesses that people do for profit. However, the only activity in which you can get a lot of profit is in the sale of goods. In real estate, business people usually buy old, worn houses and try to buy them cheap, after which they can renovate them and sell them for double the price. It’s a great business and it seems very easy to do, but it takes a lot of effort and practice, as well as a lot of strategic thinking.

People are making millions with this business, but if you want to enjoy the same type of business, you can practice your strategies in a game called house Flipper. This game was developed by playway SA and it is a simulation game. In this game, you will have the opportunity to choose your strategic mind. You will have to make purchases in this game and then you will win thanks to the decision you make.

You will first have to buy an old and worn house at a low price, then you will try to renovate and repair this house with different interior, paints and equipment and try to make it one of the modern houses. After that, you can sell that house for a profit, but make sure you always get profits and never suffer losses. If you find this genre unique among your types then you can play this game and if you want to know more about it then you can read this review article.

Download House Pinball Mod APK

What is House Pinball?

House Flipper is a unique simulation game in which you will have to use your strategic thinking. In this game you will have to make decisions and these decisions will pay off for you in the future. In this game you will have to buy the old worn out houses for cheap then you have to renovate and decorate them with different interiors and furniture and after that you can sell them for profit. Try to make as much profit as possible.

What is House Pinball MOD APK?

The standard version of house flipper has been modified to provide additional features and this modified version is known as house flipper Mod APK. In this modded version user will get all items unlocked which means you don’t have to make any purchases to get different items for your house and also you can decorate your house with all possible things without any restriction and moreover, there will be no ads in this modded version and you can fully enjoy your game.

How to make money on house pinball?

You will be able to earn money in house pinball by selling the houses you have repaired and renovated. At the beginning you will have money and you will have to make a purchase in the indicated amount. After that, you will have the chance to renovate the house and make it more beautiful. After that, you can sell this house and try to sell this house for maximum profit. Therefore, the profit you get from selling a house will be the amount of money you earn in the game.

To get the plaster tools you will have to unlock them with the amount of money you have. After that, you will need to click on the plaster bucket that appeared in the tool basket. Press the E key, then the plastering tools will be taken out. After that you can fill the bucket with plaster and then plaster all the walls of the house and fix all the bumps and marks on the walls using this plaster.

Download House Pinball Mod APK

House Pinball Game Features

Use your strategic mind

As this is a trading type game, so you will have to use your strategic mind. First you will have to look at where the house is and then you will have to consider the price of the house. By buying the house you will have to renovate it to sell it and when you get the quoted prices you will also have to keep in mind how much money you have spent on the renovation of the house and how much profit you will get. want to get

Clean and repair

At the very first point, you will have to clean the house because the house is very dirty and closed for many years, there are a lot of cobwebs and dirt in the house, so you will have to clean it first, then you will have to fix the dance and the broken walls of the house to make it look like a modern house.

Choose the interior

This game is completely up to you, which means that all the choice of interior decoration and furniture will be up to you and you can choose the interior and furniture of your house. It is up to you what kind of floors you want to add to the house and what kind of equipment you want to add to your house. For example, you can choose the design and color of kitchen cabinets and the type of flooring you want to add to your home. You can also paint your house the color of your choice.

Sell ​​for profit

After you finish your house with all the renovations it needs, you can sell your house for a huge profit. Prizes will be offered to you and you will have to make the best choice.

Download House Pinball Mod APK

Features of House Pinball MOD APK

Game unlocked

For home renovation, you will need different tools. For example, plaster tools and other tools that can be used to renovate your house, but not all of these tools will be available to you. You will have to unlock these tools to use them but in this modded version of homemade pinball games you will get all the tools unlocked and you can use any of them at any time.

Download House Pinball Mod APK


The house pinball game has a very unique background and it will attract business people a lot. If you like the same genre, you can download this game and practice your strategies here. If you want to play an unlocked version of house pinball, you can download its modded version from our website.


Q. Can I buy a house again in house flipper?

When you finish renovating all available houses, you will have the option to buy them again.

Q. Is House Flipper an online game?

Yes, you will need a secure internet connection to play the house pinball game.

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