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Launchbox is a box art based portable game database and launcher for DOSBox, emulators and PC games. This app aims to be a one stop shop for games on your computer for modern and historical or traditional games.


Automated import processes

This app has automated import processes for Steam and D-Fend Reloaded to help you get up and running at super fast speed. Game box artwork and metadata can be automatically downloaded from, a community-based online database that allows anyone to contribute.

Simple and powerful interface

This application has an incredibly powerful interface which is also very easy to use at the same time. You can always download Box-art for your games with beautiful fanarts, screenshots and logos. This colorful fanart, screenshots and themes create an engaging and fun experience as they can be used as Launchbox backgrounds while browsing new games.


storage and filtration

You can also organize and filter your games as per your choice on this app. This app lets you organize and filter games based on their genre, platform, ESRB rating, developer, and publisher. This app also has custom status and source fields that you can use to categorize your games.

Countless Emulators

This application supports countless emulators. It also acts as a best launcher for all retro and console games. You can still play modern and historical games on this app.


Easy to use

This application is very easy to use. It also allows users to customize everything. Your games are automatically imported as well as the Steam library to facilitate their use by users.

Videos to address people

LaunchBox tries its best to facilitate people and help them in any way possible. This app also produces HOW-TO videos to address and answer people’s frequently asked questions. Information about this app is also available on YouTube, so you can always check it out for help and keep your games running.



Q. Is LaunchBox for Windows?

Yes, it is for Windows, DRM-free and constantly updated to facilitate its users.

Q. How much does the Launchbox Premium subscription cost?

The Launchbox Premium subscription costs $30.

Q. Does LaunchBox have different color themes?

Yes, this app offers 40 different color themes to use in order to make your experience very fun and colorful.

Q. Are there controller automation features built into LaunchBox?

Yes, there are controller automation features built into LaunchBox so you can get rid of the keyboard and mouse.

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