MX Player Online Mod APK v1.3.12 Download

Have you ever thought of an app that will provide you with many different features such as online streaming, video playback and gaming experiences. Although these three things are our favorites and people download many different apps for these things. Most people opt for online streaming platforms to watch diverse content and they watch this content with great interest and some of us also opt for gaming platforms which will help provide us with many kinds of different games that we can play in our spare time.

There are also many different video players that will help you play all types of videos that you have on your mobile phone that are not supported by your mobile’s built-in video player. But what if we say that all these things can be done with the help of one app?. Yes, you heard right!. MX Player online app will help you do all these things. It was developed by MX media.

MX Player was previously known for its amazing video playing experience, but now it offers online streaming and gaming experience, which means now you can also watch series, movies and different online content on the app MX Player and you can also play. many different games in the same application. This application also has many amazing features which will help you to do all things very easily. If you are interested in MX Player online, we recommend reading this article for a brief review.

MX Player Online Mod APK

What is MX Player Online?

MX Player online is an entertainment application that will allow you to watch different content online on this platform. You will be able to see many new web series, movies and different shows on this platform. This app will also provide you with many different games and you can play these games in your spare time. Along with all these features, you will also be able to play all kinds of videos using this video player as this app supports all different video formats.

What is MX Player Online MOD APK?

MX Player Online Mod APK is the modded version of MX Player Online app. In this modded version you will get the free gold version of MX Player online which means all the restrictions related to this app will be removed. You will also be able to record or take screenshots of the shows you are watching and the major inconvenience of ads will also be removed from this modded version.

Can I stream MX Player online on my Smart TV?

Yes, MX Player online can be streamed to your Smart TV. You can also stream the shows on MX Player online using screen sharing i.e. you can share your phone screen to your smart TV and you can also open the browser of your smart TV and open MX Player online official website and there you can add your information and open your account there and watch all MX player online shows on your Smart TV.

Do I need to register to watch online content on MX player Online?

Yes, you will need to register for the MX Player online in order to get the full functionality of the app. When you open the application, a login option will appear, there you need to enter your email address and a password and after that, you can be directed to the online content and online gambling services of the MX Player online app. Without registration, you will not be able to open and use the application.

MX Player Online Mod APK

MX player Online app features

Amazing video player

Most of the time, it happens that we download a video and it does not play on our mobile device. This happens because your mobile video player does not support the format in which the video was downloaded. But to play these types of videos, you will need other video players and MX Player online can serve this purpose better. The online MX Player has a powerful video player that plays all types of videos without any restrictions.

Unlimited online content

As in today’s world, people have moved away from TV shows and have become attracted to online platforms which provide them with the unique and exciting content of different genres. Same with MX Player online, now you will be able to watch unlimited online content on MX Player online. You can watch any of your favorite web series, movies and TV shows on this platform and many other international web series are also available on MX Player online. You can enjoy your favorite movies whenever and wherever you want.

Play games in your spare time

If you ever get bored watching the series and movies online on MX Player app then you can switch to online gaming experience as well. MX Player online also has a wide category of online games and you can play any of your favorite games in your free time which means MX Player online will never let you get bored and you will never have no need to download any other application to play differently. kinds of games.

mini player

The MX Player app also contains a mini player, which means you can perform different tasks simultaneously. With the help of this mini player you can watch your videos and with it you can also explore different series and movies in the same platform. You will also be able to perform different tasks on your mobile phone using this mini drive.

Features of Online MX Player MOD APK

Gold version unlocked

In modded version of MX Player online you will get gold version unlocked for free and also you can enjoy all different features of gold version for free. There will also be no restrictions when taking a screenshot and screen recording of your favorite online series. In the standard, you will have to pay for the gold version of the MX Player online application.

No ads

One of the most annoying feature of MX Player online app is unwanted ads and most of people are offended for this reason that’s why we decided to remove annoying ads from modded version of it. MX Player online app.

MX Player Online Mod APK


If you often run out of mobile space due to many different apps you have downloaded then you can go for MX Player online app because by downloading this app you will not need any other apps for the experience gaming and video playback. Also, to enjoy an unlocked and ad-free version, you can download its modded version from our website.


Q. Is the MX Player online application free?

Yes, the MX Player online application is completely free to download.

Q. Can I use an online MX player without internet?

No, without the Internet, all features of the online MX Player will not work.

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