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We all have goals and plans for our lives where we will get and what we will do after that. We have also listened to so many success stories of people on how they became millionaires from a penniless man. However, in real life, it’s not very easy to build yourself up to the point where everyone would be jealous of your success. But now you will be able to build your own life and define your own career using a game called My Success Story.

This game was developed by Rodan mobile kft. This is a simulation game in which you will start as a penniless graduate who has no money or accommodation. As the game progresses, you will slowly start gaining experience. After that you will start a job and earn money and gradually you will become a millionaire. However, it is not very easy as there will be many difficulties that you will have to face on your way.

You will have to buy everything with the money you collect. For example, household furniture, a dog and food. All these things will be collected with the help of money, so you will have to work hard to collect such amount of money with the help of which you can support yourself and become a millionaire. If you find this game interesting, you can read more about it in this review article.

My Success Story MOD APK

What is the My Success Story game?

My Success Story is a simulation game in which you will have the chance to define your own life. In this game, you will be able to start from scratch and then you will manage to become a millionaire, but along the way you will face many difficulties and you will have to make many choices about how you will spend your money. You will have to buy everything from the money you collect, such as furniture, a house, cars and everything. You will also have to choose your career in this game.

What is My Success Story MOD APK?

Mod versions are those which are designed for user convenience and My success story Mod APK is a modded version of this game. In this version you will be given unlimited money which will help you become a millionaire in a short time time. You will also be able to buy many different cars and different accessories for yourself with the help of this money. So you will not need to work so hard to earn huge amount of money because you will get this money for free in this version. There are also many pop-up ads available in the standard version which are also removed in this version.

How do you become a millionaire in the game My Success Story?

In My Success Story you will start from scratch which means you will start as a graduate with no experience, no job and no money to survive and after that you will have the chance to gain work experience in a company. You will gain experience for some time in this business. After that, you will be hired by a company and you will gradually climb the ladder of success. Along the way, you will also need the money you earn to buy food, clothes, cars, furniture, and all the necessities of life.

Who is the old lady in the game My Success Story?

The old lady is the guiding NPC in the game. The old lady has a rich outfit, looks royal and she does everything to earn money and explore different aspects of the city, but she won’t be the one working . She will guide you to work and then you will know how to become a successful man. The company of the old lady will make you feel like one of the royal descendants and she will be the one to help you dress up and do all things related to millionaires.

My Success Story MOD APK

My Success Story Game Features

Choose your career

In the game My Success Story, you will have the opportunity to choose your favorite profession. There will be four choices which are art, food stream, sport and technology. You can choose any of your careers from these four options, but this is not the last chance for a career because as you progress through the game you will have the opportunity to embark on more careers. other careers and you can start a new story.

Improve yourself

As you start earning money, you will be able to level up with the help of the money you earn. For example, you will be able to buy new clothes and a new house and a new car for yourself. But you will have to be very careful because you will only be available with limited money and you will have to fulfill all the necessities of your life with this money.


You will also get a helping hand in this game who is the old lady who will support you in different aspects of your life. The old lady will be there to help you when needed and he will also help you to become a successful man in your life.

party function

As you reach a certain point in the game you will attend many different parties and functions that many rich people will be invited to and for these functions you will have to choose your outfit according to the theme of the function. you also get to know other people’s business in these functions.

My Success Story MOD APK

Features of MOD APK My Success Story

unlimited money

As this is an achievement and you will need money to become popular, famous and rich and to get rich you will also have to adopt the rich lifestyle and you will have to buy some things like cars, Vilas, clothes, food, pets and more. That’s why in the edited version of my success story, we have provided you with unlimited money so you can buy whatever you want and you can get rich in no time. in this modified version you will also not see annoying ads.

My Success Story MOD APK


If you are the one who likes to write and read different millionaire stories, it’s your turn to write one of them using my success story game. But if you want to get rich quick, you can download my success story Mod APK from our websites and enjoy unlimited money and do whatever you want to do.


Q. How do I get money faster in My Success Story?

You will also be able to earn money by watching ads and get extra income.

Q. Is my Success Story an online game?

Yes, My Success Story is an online game and you will need an internet connection to play it.

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