Playbox HD APK Latest Version 3.4 Free Download for Android

Watching movies and shows has always been a very special type of entertainment for many years. With the invention of internet, shows and movies are available on online forums such as YouTube, Dailymotion, Hotstar. There are many apps that allow streaming of different apps and shows but the negative thing about them is that they are not free. These apps require monthly or yearly payment to function properly and disclose full functionality.

Despite all these paid apps, users also needed those apps which could offer free streaming and downloading of videos and movies. Playbox HD APK is a great app that offers online and offline streaming of unlimited movies and shows on ThopTv at no cost. This application is absolutely free and does not contain any hidden costs to operate. Users can download a large amount of movies to save for later offline streaming in case of internet unavailability. It’s good for everyone, from children to young people and adults. All android and windows users can download this app to watch and download a large amount of movies and shows. There are wonderful features of this app that are worth checking out. playbox hd apk


  • This app is absolutely free which means users don’t have to pay to watch and download the movies just like regular streaming apps Netflix, Amazon Prime and more.
  • Users can even download unlimited movies and shows to save all content from their systems for later viewing. This feature supports internet downtime in which users can just watch videos in offline mode.
  • Users can change the video resolution and quality according to their internet connection speed. There are 360p, 720p and 1080p for watching videos.
  • This app has a beautiful user interface which is really awesome and extremely creative. Users can easily search for their favorite shows using the search bar. This way, they will be able to reach their target movies in seconds.
  • It supports Chromecast through which users can watch all downloaded videos on TV.
  • The list is updated daily, and new shows and movies appear in the recommendations every day.
  • This app is good even for kids where they can watch cartoons in kid mode.
  • Lots of subtitles are provided in different languages ​​so that users can easily understand the shows whose languages ​​they don’t know well.
  • This application is safe to download as it does not cause viruses or security threats.

How to install

First, open the settings of the phone or your computer. Go to security option and open unknown sources from it. Turn it on and ignore the warning because it is completely safe to download this application in any system. Now download this app from the link. Open the file manager on the device and find this downloaded apk file. Find this application, open it and click on the install button. Now enjoy online and offline streaming of your favorite movies and shows for free.


Q. Can I also use this application on Mac?

Yes, it is also available for Mac, but the installation procedure is a bit different because Mac does not support apk files.

Q. Does this app have any fees?

No, this app is not like other online streaming apps that charge a huge amount every month to watch your favorite shows. It is completely free and reliable.

Q. Does this app support offline mode?

Yes, this app has the offline mode where the viewers can download the movies and shows to watch them later when they have no internet access.

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