Pubg BGMI Apk v1.8.0 Download

Pubg is a world famous game as it has millions of active players enjoying this game all over the world. This fighting action game has the highest ratings and reviews on the internet. Player Unknown’s Battleground is the full name of this game but it is known by the short name which is Pubg. This version is specially designed for Indian players and has the same specialties and characteristics.

This game has very unique gameplay because in this game you have to survive to win. There will also be other players in your game so you have to be very careful while playing otherwise anyone can kill your player. Pubg bgmi has several game modes that you can play to kill your boredom. This action fighting game has many different huge maps that you can choose to play.

Pubg game developers regularly send updates to add new content for their players and maintain quality by fixing bugs and glitches. Pubg bgmi has great optimization that’s why you will never get any lag or error while playing. It has great user interface that’s why people love to play this game. Pubg bgmi has many great features which you will never get in any other action fighting game.

Pubg BGMI Apk

What is Pubg APK?

This is the standard version of the Pubg game which is available all over the internet. This version is also known as the global version. It is completely free to download and install. It has many features which will never bore you as this game allows you to play with real players from all over the world. It also has other game modes which have different maps and gameplay.

What is Pubg Bgmi?

Pubg battleground mobile India is specially designed for Indian gamers. This version has the same characteristics and specialties. In this version of Pubg game, you can add different people around the world to make them your friends. You can chat with them even if it has the option to send voice notes. Play this game with your friends and family members by inviting them to your lobby. As this is a survival game, you need to speed up your moves or someone will take advantage of your poor gaming skills.

Pubg BGMI Apk

Play with the world

This is the main feature of pubg bgmi game because you don’t need to mess with the artificial intelligence in it. Play this game with the world and improve your gaming skills. You can add players in your friend list to play with them. It’s not that because pubg bgmi gives a chat box where you can talk to your friends by sending them text messages or you can send voice notes. There are several options where you can play Solo vs. Team, Duo vs. Duo, and Team vs. Team. You can invite 3 people to your lobby with them.

classic fashion

This is another amazing feature of Pubg bgmi which is classic mode. This mode contains 100 people and you can play this mode with your team or you can play as a single player. This mode is long because 100 people take time and everyone plays according to their gameplay. Make sure to collect good weapons for your defense and collect enough supplies for your survival. Play your game in the blue zone otherwise you will lose your health. If you want edge play, land in a popular area and if you want safe play, land in a safe place.

Pubg BGMI Apk

Arena Mode

This pubg game mode has multiple different modes in which you can play with your team. It has a team deathmatch also known as TDM. Arena mode is also a war mode and a sniper mode. You cannot play as a solo player in all of these modes, which means you need a team to enter the battle. These game modes have a short duration, so you must complete your game within a specific amount of time. Try to kill as many people as possible to get the first position at the end. Arena mode ends quickly compared to classic mode.

Multiple maps

pubg bgmi offers many great maps that you can choose to play alone or with your team. Each map has different locations and specialties. He has erangle, sanook, miramar, vikandi, livik and karakin. All maps are different from each other and there are no restrictions, so you can play on your favorite map. Livik and Karakin are small maps and the time is limited to 15 minutes, which means you must complete your game within the time limit or you will lose. All maps have famous location points like pochinki, boot camp, georgopoulos and many more where you can land to play top games.

Pubg BGMI Apk

In-game voice chat

This is a very unique feature that allows you to chat with your friends while playing games. Pubg bgmi has a voice chat feature where you can talk with other people by inviting them to your lobby. There is no time limit, which means you can talk as much as you want. This voice chat feature is very useful as it helps you share your different game strategies with your friends and other players in your teams. If you don’t want to talk or listen to anyone, you can mute their mics or mute yours so no one can listen to your voice.

Add people

You can add all your favorite people in pubg bgmi game to play with them. There are no limitations in adding people, so you can add without restrictions. Send a friend request by adding their names in the search box. You can also see people online so it’s easy for you to invite them to play. You can create a room where you can play with your friends or you can play against them. Chat with people and choose the best players to form a strong team. Play with your team on any map or game mode because pubg has no restrictions.

Pubg BGMI Apk


Personalization is very important because we all have different views and choices. This is why pubg games have customization features. In this mode, you can easily customize your player by changing their outfits which you can buy with the silver coins or unlock by completing missions. You can also open different mystery boxes where you will get multiple weapon skins. Unlock new items and use them to upgrade your weapons and your player. You can change skin color, hair, body, face, clothes and weapon skins. You can create your own collection of skins and outfits in pubg games.

Seasonal events

Pubg game developers often update to introduce new events to play. New events come with different rewards that you can get by completing missions. Different events make this game more enjoyable and entertaining as players get new content to play. Pubg bgmi has a royal pass season which comes with new missions and rewards every time they introduce a new season.

Pubg BGMI Apk


⦁ Multiplayer option
⦁ Voice chat
⦁ Different game modes to play
⦁ Multiple maps
⦁ Optimized
⦁ 3D graphics and visual effects
⦁ Seasonal events and contests
⦁ Different missions to play


⦁ Need a high-end mobile device to play
⦁ Need a good internet connection


Pubg bgmi is a survival game where you play against different people around the world. It has many game modes which have the ability to take your mind away from boredom as pubg allows you to talk with your team while playing. Make sure to improve your gaming skills because survival is the key to winning in pubg.
Pubg bgmi has millions of players. This is why people have recommended it to so many people on the internet. If you also want to play an action game then pubg bgmi is the best option because it has huge features which you can never get in other games. Download pubg from our website and share your experience on this game in the comment box.

Pubg BGMI Apk


Q. Can I play pubg bgmi games offline?

Nope! You cannot play Pubg Bgmi games offline as this game requires an internet connection to run. Connect WIFI or data at good speed to play pub without lag.

Q. How to increase RP points in pubg Bgmi games?

To increase RP points in pubg bgmi games you need to complete all your missions, this is how you can increase your RP points in this game.

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