PUBG For PC Download Windows 10 64 Bit Free

PUBG is one of the most popular online battle royale games on PC. It is a free multiplayer PC game. The gameplay is so breathtaking and exciting. Play with your friends and form a strong team. It is a popular survivor game with millions of players. It has millions of good reviews on the internet. Play different game modes such as Classic, TDM (Team Death Match), Solo vs Squad and other game modes are available for free. Join random teams and make new friends. Practice your skills in practice mode and learn how to control the recoil of a gun.


PUBG Tons of Weapons

This battle royale game has tons of awesome weapons that you can find in match. You must find a weapon in the game if you want to survive until the end. Defeat your enemies and be the last man standing. Use rifles, sniper rifles, assault rifles, pistols, machine guns, melee weapons and other available weapons that you can find in the game.

PUBG Classic Mode

This is the best and most played mode of this game. In this mode, 100 real players land on a selected map and you have to land at the place of your choice. You need to find a weapon if you want to survive in the game otherwise your enemies will kill your character in the game. You can loot the loot from other players after killing them. Loot crates and gather loot for backup.

PUBG for pc

PUBG voice chat with friends

This is the best feature because in-game communication is the key to winning. You can voice chat with your friends or even with other players present in the game. Join random teams and easily chat with them. You can disable this feature if you don’t want to chat with anyone.

Realistic PUBG graphics

This game has the best realistic graphics with HD quality and texture. You can configure the graphics up to Ultra HD with extreme performance. Weapon visual effects and sound effects are so real and make the game ultra-realistic and interesting. You can lower the graphics if you want to play the game with high fps. Rain effects and reflections make it more exciting and beautiful.


PUBG free to play

It’s totally free to play Battle Royal game on PC. Its servers are completely free and you don’t have to pay to play this game on any of its servers.

Safe and Secure PUBG

It is completely safe and secure. There is no kind of virus in this game. You can easily download the official setup from our site and enjoy the game properly.



Q. How can I download PUBG for PC?

The download steps are very simple. Just download the official setup of it from our site and install it by following the given instructions.

Q. What is the latest available version of PUBG for PC?

11.2 is currently the latest version of this game which you can download from our site or you can also download it from the official site of this game.

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