PUBG Lite for PC Free Download Full Version 2022

PUBG lite is a lite version of PUBG PC game. It is available for free on PC. The gameplay is so intense and exciting. Play against other players around the world. Play with your friends. You can voice chat with your friends and other players around the world. Play a 10 minute match and survive till the end to become the best survivor in the game. The graphics are so realistic. Realistic sound and visual effects make the game more stunning and impressive. Download this third person shooter and play with your friends for free.

Download PUBG Lite for PC

Hyper realistic graphics

Graphics are the main component of the game that attracts players. This game offers the best hyper-realistic graphics with stunning details and shadows. You can experience the best visual and sound effects of this game. It has a beautiful well-designed map which you can explore in the game. The shadows and highlights are so clear and make the game more realistic and exciting. You can even adjust the graphics to suit your computer specifications.

Exciting game

The gameplay of this game is so exciting and thrilling. It’s a third person shooter where you have to survive and defeat other players. Land anywhere on the map and find weapons to protect yourself. You can collect loot for backup like medkits, bandages, painkillers, energy drinks, ammo, grenades, smokes and more. Survival is the key to winning in the game. Make a solid strategy with your team and kill other players.

Download PUBG Lite for PC


This game has easy and simple controls. You can use the keyboard to control your player. Control your player’s movement with the arrow keys. You can easily configure the control buttons according to your ease. Use guns and aim with the mouse. Control the movement of the camera just by using the mouse. The controls are very responsive and optimized for better gameplay.

Game Modes

It has different game modes that you can play apart from the classic mode. In classic mode, you can play a 10-15 minute match with up to 100 players. Your team can give your revive in classic mode once you are knocked down. In arena mode, you can play a 4v4 team deathmatch. Complete the required points before the time to win the game. You can play wars and quick matches to hone your skills.

Download PUBG Lite for PC

Highly optimized servers

It has highly optimized servers for better gaming experience. You can even play with low internet speed. You will get enough ping to play this game smoothly. This game is totally free. Customize your in-game character and wear different outfits. Buy and unlock different outfits and skins in the game.


Q. Can I play PUBG Lite PC without internet connection?

No, you cannot play this game without an internet connection. Internet is required to play this game smoothly.

Q. How can I download PUBG Lite for PC?

You can download the latest version of this game by visiting the official website or free download the setup from our site.

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