Pubg Lite Mod Apk v0.22.0 Download For Android

Are you a fan of action survival games? If so, stop here as we are going to share a world famous game with you. Pubg lite is that game which is downloaded by millions of people across the world who enjoy this game with their friends and family members. It is a battle royale game and all people of the age group can participate in it.

This is the lighter version of pubg which is not heavy in size so you don’t need a large storage space to download this game on your device as the developers have fully optimized it. You don’t need a high-end mobile device to play pubg lite because it can be played on any smart device and you will get good gaming experience from it.

Pubg Lite games are specially designed for low-end devices. That’s why it has great optimization. This action fighting game works great as it has no lag or glitches but you need to connect your device with good speed internet connection. Pubg Lite has some unique features that make this game the best so let’s check it out.

PUBG Lite Mod apk

What is PUBG Lite APK?

Pubg Lite is available in internet basic standard version which is launched by infinite level developers. This basic version of pubg lite is free to download which means you don’t have to spend your money to get this game. It is a big game because in this game you will get multiple maps in which you can compete with different persons. You will get weapons for free, but if you want full customization, you have to buy the items with real money. The standard version also contains ads in pubg lite.

What is PUBG Lite Mod APK?

Pubg Lite game is also available in modded version also known as mod apk. This version provides additional free features that you will never get in the base version of pubg lite. You don’t need to buy stuff for customization because in mod version you will get full customization items for free. The Mod version also offers unlimited silver coins and cash for free which you can use without limits. You can play and enjoy the whole game ad-free because the mod version never supports ads. That is why there will be no interruptions.

PUBG Lite Mod apk

Fight against 60 people

As this is a lite version of pubg lite, this game only offers 60 different people to add in this game for classic matches. Each player is the main player in this game. That’s why only you can take care of everything because in these 60 people you have to survive alone. Make sure you land in the right place because you need to get loot where you will get guns and ammo. Play it safe and kill your opponents.

Different maps

This is the great feature of pubg lite as it gives different maps which you can choose to play. Each map has different locations and locations where you can go for good loot, but you need to be active or your opponents will loot everything and you won’t get anything. You will face extreme conditions on each map as there will be many obstacles. So try to play with each map to have a good experience of location and places.

Multiplayer mode

Online multiplayer always brings more fun to any game that’s why pubg lite has this feature where you can add your friends and family members in this game to play with them. You can invite people from your friends list to join your lobby. Create your own strong team in this game and then play against other people as it will help you a lot while surviving in difficult situations. You can also play against your team in this game.

Deadliest Weapons

In this game, you will see many deadly weapons that you can choose to play with. But you have to find them in the loot otherwise you won’t be able to get them. You can get M416, AKM, AK47, machine gun, rifle, grenades and many more which you can use to kill your opponents in this game. You can customize your weapon skins in the store but you have to buy them with silver coins or cash.

PUBG Lite Mod apk

voice chat

In pubg lite games, you can chat with your team members without any problem. This feature is very useful as it helps you to call your friends in extreme conditions and you can also share your game strategy while playing with them. There is no limitation on voice chat, so you are free to talk as much as you want in this game. If you don’t want to hear anyone, you can also mute them on your side.

Character Customization

You can also customize your character in this game as it has lots of outfits, caps, glasses and different accessories for customization. You can buy many costumes with silver coins, but many of them will be paid, so if you want them, you have to buy them.

Unlimited cash and coins

In the basic version of the pubg lite game you have to earn coins and money by completing your missions and tasks in this game which sometimes becomes difficult. But in the mod version you don’t have to work hard because you will get unlimited money and silver coins for free which will never run out so you can use them without limits.

Free Premium Items

Pubg Lite has many premium items such as outfits, weapon skins and vehicle skins, but all of them are paid and you cannot use them for free. That’s why the mod version provides all the premium stuff of pubg lite games for free. This means that there will be no restrictions as everything will be completely free.

Anti-ban function

This is a cool feature of the mod version because there are many game mod games which are banned over time. But this mod apk version provided by our website will never be banned because it has anti-ban feature. So you can enjoy pubg lite mod apk without any problem because this game will never get banned.


Pubg Lite is the best battle royale game in the world because it has the ability to bring fun and entertainment into a boring routine. This action and survival game is recommended by millions of people on the Internet. If you also want to share a great action game with your friends, pubg lite is a great option. Download this game in latest version from our website. Don’t forget to share your awesome gaming experience on pubg lite in the comment section with other people.

PUBG Lite Mod apk


Q. How to get unlimited money in pubg lite?

To get unlimited money in this game you need to download pubg lite mod apk because only this version provides unlimited money to their players for free.

Q. How do I get paid items for free in pubg lite?

If you are looking for paid item in pubg lite for free then you need to download this game mod version then you will have full access to all paid items for free.

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