Sfile Mobi Apk v1.0 Download For Android

Sometimes you need an app that does your job and saves you so much fuss. It is quite difficult to manage your important files and apps and other documents when you are lazy or cannot organize them properly. There must be an app that could do this job and allow people to keep all their apps and necessary files in one place.

This app is known as Sfile Mobi APK because it is designed for Android devices like smartphones and tablets. You can have a great time using this app as all your stuff will be stored very well. It’s like a cloud storage app that organizes things and manages them for you.

You can save any type of file in this app without any worries. You can also make your data public or private to avoid any issues so that you can share it with your contacts. There are many customization offers available in this game that you will love to use. The interface can be modified according to your preferences. However, there are a number of features of this awesome app that you should know about. Let’s take a look at all these features and learn a bit more about this app to understand it.

Sfile Mobi Apk

save files

You can basically save all kinds of files in this app. By backing them up, you will get an organized space thanks to which you will never end up losing it by missing your files. You can just download the files in this app and forget about losing them in the future. You can access it whenever you need it during the hour of need.

All supported files and formats

In this app, you don’t even have to think about file compatibility. You can simply upload any file of any format. That’s right, you can upload files of any format, size and type as it doesn’t matter in Sfile Mobi APK. It supports all of them and provides a secure folder for each of them.

Sfile Mobi Apk


Your files will have all the privacy you need. You can keep your files private or public exactly as you want. With this, you can make your life easier and even save your apps easily.

Easily find files

When there are many files in a space, it becomes difficult to know where you have kept a certain file. You can search for any recent or older file by simply typing the name in the search bar. Files you saved with a particular name will immediately appear on top so you can open and access them right away.

Customize the user interface

You can customize your own interface using this app. You can organize the system according to your preferences because it is you who will save your files and keep them as a record. You can change the homepage color and also set icons at particular locations.

Share files

Not only can you save your files here in this app, but you can also share them with others. You can share these files with the people who use the similar app to save their files and apps. It may require the email address of the people you want to share your files and apps with or any other documents that you have downloaded and saved to Sfile Mobi APK.

Sfile Mobi Apk

total security

There is no threat of any kind to your saved files on this app. The whole security feature of this app makes it highly reliable and completely safe for you to download any type of media files, important documents and other file types to save them. You will have no problem keeping your stuff safe in this app as the guarantee has been provided by the developers of Sfile Mobi APK.

Compatible with Android 10

This app is highly compatible with Android 10. People who are using smartphone with Android 10 can easily download this app and start using its amazing features without any hassle.

Free download

This application is free to download as it does not have any specific download charges. You can just click on the download button and start downloading it without paying anything to embed it in your Android smartphone.

Easy to use

This application is so easy to use that anyone can easily understand how to use it. For the actual reason, this application has been built in a very easy way to understand the needs of the users. You may find out right after downloading that this app is too easy to use and hence you may have some issues with its working.

Download any version

You can get any version of this app as it is an easy option provided by the developers. Many people do not find a certain version of this application usable. This is why a number of versions are recorded and made available for a user’s needs. The application archives contain them and you can install any version whenever you want.

Saved to storage

When you download this app, you get the APK file basically installed in your storage. If you plan to delete the app, you will have the APK installer file directly in your personal storage or memory card. You can approach this file and click the install button again rather than going to the Google Play Store and downloading the app again.

Sfile Mobi Apk


Q. How big is Sfile Mobi APK?

The size of the Sfile Mobi APK application is only 10.59 MB.

Q. Can I save files of any format in this application?

You can save files of any format in this app as it is never a problem at all.

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