Stick War Mod Apk 2022.1.30 Download Old Version

There are many different battleground games available on the internet, but many of them are paid or don’t provide good features, that’s why it’s hard to find a good game. So don’t worry, this article will provide you awesome game in which you will get lots of amazing features and game modes which you can play.

Stick war is that game which is very popular because more than 100 million people have downloaded this game that’s why it comes on top. In this game you will get interesting missions which you can play to earn money. Moreover, there are multiple modes that you can select while playing depending on your gameplay.

You don’t need a high end mobile to play this game because it is very lightweight and fully optimized so even if you have an average device you can still enjoy this game. Everyone can play this game. this war and strategy game because there is no age limit. Now let’s take a look at some other phenomenal features.

Download Stick War Legacy Mod APK

What is Stick Wars Apk?

Stick war is an action strategy game which comes in standard version and you don’t need any money to get this game as it is free to download. This version also has in-game purchases which means there are many vip resources that you cannot use as they will be paid for, so you just need to purchase them to access them. This game also contains advertisements that may interrupt.

What is Stick War Mod apk?

Stick war game also has mod version which provides many great features which you will never get in simple version. This version gives all vip resources without asking for money which means you are allowed to use anything at any time as there will be no paid items. Everything will be free and it also provides free coins which you will never miss. You can use this free money without limit.

Is Stick War free to download?

Yes! you don’t need money to get stick war because it is 100% free to download for all android devices but it has premium features which are paid.

Does Stick Wars have a multiplayer mode?

Nope! you can’t share this game with your friends because it has no multiplayer mode so you can’t play stick war game online

Do I need an internet connection to play Stick War?

Nope! You don’t need internet access to play stick war game as it supports offline mode that’s why you can enjoy this game anytime offline.

Download Stick War Legacy Mod APK


War against enemies

In stick war game you will get many different enemies with multiple weapons and you have to fight with them to conquer their kingdom. Take part in different wars and try to win these battles because that’s how you can get more territory in this game. After killing small soldiers you will reach their bosses so make sure to kill all the bosses to clear the battlefield.

Small missions to play

Stick War Game has many amazing missions that you can play and the developer updates these missions every week so that you will never get bored of this game as there will be new missions to play. Never miss these missions because after completing each mission you will earn gems and many other useful rewards which are hard to get. So become a great warrior and win all your missions.

Unique game modes

In this game, many different game modes are available such as classic champion, endless dead zombies, tournaments and mini bosses that you can play. All these modes are very exciting to play because in these game modes you will encounter many different obstacles which makes them special. If you want to fully enjoy this game, play all these unique stick war game modes.

Different character skins

This game has several characters that you can choose from but now you can easily customize your characters by applying different skins to them. This game has customization feature where you will get different skins which you will use to make your character unique from others. You can buy new skins with money or you can earn them in different rewards.

Interesting levels

Stick War Game has different levels in each game mode which you can select to play. You can play his game at easy, medium, hard and crazy level. There are no restrictions which means you can set these levels based on your gaming skills. So if you think you are a pro gamer and have good skills then try to play this game to a crazy level to have more fun.

huge battlefield

This game has a huge battlefield where you will wage war against all your enemies. Stick war game has saga style map that’s why this game is very interesting to play. Make sure to unlock all locations by completing small missions and tasks to earn different rewards.

Easy to play

Stick war game is easy to play as it has no difficulty that is why you will never face any issues while playing it. The game controls are very simple, you just have to slide your fingers on the mobile screen to attack all your enemies. That’s why with just little practice you can become a good player of this war game.

Download Stick War Legacy Mod APK

module features

Free vip resources

Stick war game has vip resources in simple version which is paid but as you are looking for these resources for free in this game download the mod apk version in your device. After installing this mod version game, you will get access to all vip resources for free which means you don’t even have to spend money on anything. It never asks for money and provides full VIP functionality.

Unlimited Gems and Cash

You need to earn money by participating in war and other missions then you will be able to generate money in stick war game but sometimes it gets difficult that’s why cracked version gives a unlimited number of gems and money. There will be no spending limits in this hacked version, so feel free to spend cash and gems as much as you want.

Without advertising

Stick War game supports several ads that appear on the screen while playing, but you can get the ads free version of this game by downloading modded version. It is completely free from all kinds of ads that is why people choose this version to get stick war game because it never interrupts your gameplay by showing multiple ads.

Download Stick War Legacy Mod APK


Stick war is a great game to play because it has many unique and free game modes that’s why it is recommended to play. Just download this game for free from our website with these features and wage war against all your enemies.


Q. How do I get unlimited money for free in Stick War?

To get unlimited money for free, you just need to download Stick War Mod apk version, then you will get endless money for free in this game.

Q. How can I get stick war vip resort for free?

You just need to just download this modded version stick war game then all vip resources will be at your disposal which you can use without restrictions.

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