Tank Stars Mod Apk v1.6.6 Premium Unlimited Money + Diamond

Arcade games are very famous and trending in today’s world as they involve a lot of challenges and adventures. Many gamers love to play arcade games because these games are very exciting and fun to play. There are many arcade games available on the internet and very few become famous enough to find their way into the devices of a large number of people.

Tank Stars Mod Apk is a very fabulous arcade game about fighting with tanks. The gameplay is very interesting and unique as the users can fight with the tanks. The game is freely available on the internet and users can download it for free. Although some features are not available in the original version and are called premium features. These functionalities are accessible after payment. The app is perfect for Android users with Android smartphones and tablets. The app has also received very good reviews from many people and is downloaded millions of times by people all over the world.

Tank Stars Mod Apk is a great game and it has a very intuitive and unique interface. The overall gameplay is very exciting and full of power with fun. The app has many cool features which you can find out by reading the full statements in the article below.

Download Star Tank Mod APK

What is Tank Stars APK?

Tank Stars Apk is a very fantastic game in which the player fights with tanks. Users can enjoy playing with different and distinctive tanks while performing angled shots. These shorts should be very accurate and precise so that the player can attack the enemy with a higher level of accuracy.

There are a variety of weapons and tanks available in the game. The user can choose different weapons and tanks according to their needs and circumstances. Android users can have fun playing this game. The tanks have intricate and detailed designs. This game can impress even the most demanding gamers. The graphics of the game are also very amazing and brilliant.

What is Tank Stars Mod APK?

Tank Stars Mod Apk is a very great version of the app as it offers lots of amazing features. The Mod version provides unlimited amounts of money to the users so that they can enjoy the game at the best possible level. Users can use money to purchase various tanks and weapons in the game, which will help them better defend themselves.

The Mod version also unlocked the premium features for free. Users don’t have to pay anything and can access all premium features and can have a lot of fun. There are also no ads in the Mod version of the app, which makes the game even more interesting and exciting. users don’t need to worry about annoying ads because Mod version saves users from all those ads.

Is Tank Stars APK safe to play?

Yes, Tank Stars Apk is absolutely safe to play. There is no need to worry about hidden threats or viruses. Feel free to play this amazing game and enjoy the remarkable features.

When was the Tank Stars APK game released?

Tank Stars Apk was created on May 30, 2018. It is a bit old game but it is still very trending and famous.

Is Tank Stars Apk available for free?

Yes, Tank Stars Apk is available for free. Download this splendid game and feel indulged in superb action-packed and thrilling gameplay.

Download Star Tank Mod APK


Single game

The gameplay is very simple and friendly. There is no complexity and users can play very easily while having fun. Many people can make good use of their time by playing this highly interactive game that is so easy to control and comprehensive to understand.

Intuitive controls

The game controls are very intuitive. The user can use the guns and take the best shots by changing their angles very easily. The player can also move the tanks to different locations using the excellent controls. The weapon controls are also very effective and the user can do good aiming while using these controls.

Wide range of tanks

There is a wide range of tanks available in the game which the player uses while playing the game. Each tank has different characteristics and power capabilities. Players can use these tanks as needed and also as per his demands. The different types of tanks increase the fun level of the game and make the player very happy and excited. This feature increases the charm of the game.

Advanced Weapons

The game also has very advanced weapons that the user can use while shooting the enemies. Modern and excellent quality weapons help users better defend their areas. There is a wide range of weapons available in the game which the user can use. Each weapon has its own distinctive qualities and abilities.

Improvements for fueling tanks

Many upgrades are available in the game. Players can perform various upgrades on their tanks and weapons. In this way, they can better fight with the enemy and win the battle.

Addictive game

The gameplay is very addictive. The user feels very addicted while playing this game. The game does not let players get bored anytime and helps them spend their time very efficiently.


The graphics of the game are incredibly vivid and brilliant. The graphics increase the game level and make it very attractive and interesting for the player. Each model in the game is designed with great sophistication and gives a very realistic feel to the player.

sound quality

The audio quality is also very excellent. Sounds of various tanks and weapons make the game very realistic and exciting.

Download Star Tank Mod APK

module features

unlimited money

The Mod version provides unlimited amount of money to users so that they can buy anything in the game.

Premium Features Unlocked

The Mod version unlocked the premium features for free and the user does not have to pay any fees.

no ads

There are no ads in the Mod version of the app.

Download Star Tank Mod APK


So it is concluded that Tank Stars Mod Apk is a very fabulous and outstanding game. It has great features and an amazing interface. The gameplay is also very fascinating and unique in its own way. Fighting with distinctive tanks and modern weapons is a great fun which players enjoy a lot while playing this game. So this game is highly recommended for everyone who loves to play action filled arcade games. In case of any questions, suggestions or comments, feel free to access the comments section below.


Q.Is Tank Stars Mod Apk free?

Yes, Tank Stars Mod Apk is absolutely free.

Q. Can I download Tank Stars Mod Apk on my Android smartphone?

Yes, you can download Tank Stars Mod Apk on your android smartphone.

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