Tekken 3 Free Game Download For PC Full Version 32 Bit

Tekken 3 is one of the most popular and amazing fighting games on PC. It is a third entry in the series of Tekken. There are so many great fictional fighters that you can choose and fight against an advanced AI opponent. It’s a free game. There are so many great game modes available such as time challenge, arcade mode and much more. You can practice your skills in practice mode. The controls are easy to understand. Perform combos with your character as each character has special combos. You can play this game without internet connection.

Download Tekken 3 Game For PC

Tekken 3 best graphics

This battle fighter game has the best 3D dynamic graphics. It has a nice variation of environment. You can even notice the small details in the game. Stunning and amazing battle locations make the game more impressive and interesting. Experience the best shadow quality. Incredible visual and sound effects make the game exciting. Every character and item detail is high quality. It has high resolution texture quality.

Tekken 3 Unique Characters

There are many unique and strong characters available in the game that you can choose from. Paul, Anna, Lee, Law, Dr. B, Eddy and other famous characters are available in the game. You can choose any character and play easily. Each character has a unique outfit that you can choose for a different appearance. Each character has special combos and a finishing attack. Use special combos to defeat your opponent. Each character has unique ending stories that you can watch after completing arcade mode.

Download Tekken 3 Game For PC

Tekken Mode 3 2P

This is a mode where you can play this game with your friends. 2P mode allows you to play against your friends on the same computer. You can easily set commands for the second player and start playing. Beat your friends and show them your skills. You can also use external controllers for better gaming experience. Unlock more players by beating other players in the game.

Tekken 3 different game modes

There are many different game modes available in this game such as arcade mode, time challenge mode, story mode, practice mode, 2P mode and many more. Play any of your favorite modes in the game. In time challenge mode you have to beat your opponents before the time or you will be knocked out of the game. Likewise, each game mode has different rules that you must follow to win battles.

Download Tekken 3 Game For PC

tekken 3 free

It is completely free to play the game. You don’t need internet connection to play this game. You can play it anytime and anywhere. You don’t have to pay anything for this game. Download for free and start playing this amazing fighting game on your PC.


Q. How can I play Tekken 3 with my friends?

It has a 2P mode where you can easily play this game with your friends. Configure controls for your friend and start playing on the same computer.

Q. How big is Tekken 3 for PC?

This game does not require large storage. It only covers around 500MB of free storage on your PC.

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