Telegram for PC Download Windows 10/8/7

Telegram is a popular instant messaging application. It is a great cross-platform app which you can download on any platform like Windows, Android or iOS etc. You can chat with your friends and family. This application is ideal for instant messaging and calls. It has a beautiful and colorful user interface. The user-friendly interface makes the app more impressive and unique. This social messaging app provides end-to-end encryption security. Millions of people use this app for their daily messaging driver because of its security. This application is totally free. It is highly optimized for window platform.

Telegram for PC

Send and receive files

It allows you to send and receive files through this application. You can easily share any type of file with your friends and family. Send media files and documents in the chat and save them directly to your computer. You can send and receive media files such as pictures, videos, music, and other documents. There is no limit in file sharing. Easily attach the file in the chat and send it to your friend without any hassle.

Lots of stickers

If you like to use stickers in chat then this app is perfect for you. There are tons of great stickers available which you can explore and download in the app. Easily access uploaded stickers in the chat room and send them to friends and family. Easily find situation-related gifs and send them immediately to anyone. Save tons of stickers to increase your sticker library.

Telegram for PC

Send voice notes

If you can’t text anyone, you can send voice notes. Voice note is a nice feature. You can send your voice notes to whoever you want. Don’t type, just tap the voice note button to record your voice and send to anyone or groups. You can easily send and receive voice messages in this app. Record and send voice notes without time limits or restrictions.


It is a unique feature of this app that you can customize the color scheme and chat box according to your preference. You can easily customize the overall layout of this app, such as changing the height and size of the message bubble. You can change the font size and style. You can change the color of this application. Change color of general layout and chat box.

Telegram for PC

Create or join channels

With this instant messaging app, you can create or join different channels known as Telegram channels. You can join channels of any topic. These channels will provide your latest information on whatever topic you have chosen. You can even create your own channel and start gaining an audience. Share anything in the channel.


Q. Is Telegram for PC download free?

Yes, this messaging app is totally free. You can easily get the latest version for your PC.

Q. Is it safe to use Telegram on PC?

Yes, this application uses an end-to-end encryption method to provide additional security.

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