Video Editing Software for PC Free Download for Windows 10 64 bit

Video editing software is a tool for editing videos on PC. Many people like to edit videos and prefer a simple and easy-to-use video editing tool. There are many video editing tools you can download and start editing your videos on PC. Each video editing tool allows you to perform basic and professional editing according to your needs. Edit and cover videos in different formats. Trim, crop and zoom your videos with just one click. Use video effects and filters to make your video amazing. Download free video editing software and start editing videos professionally.

Video editing software for pc

Video editing software Visual and audio effects

There are various visual and audio effects that you can apply on your videos. You can change audio quality, pitch and many more properties with these video editors. You can apply various visual effects such as glitch, distortion, grain, blur and more. You can perform color correction to make your video brighter and sharper. You can use transition effects to add a nice effect in split videos.

Video editing software Basic and advanced editing

Video editing software allows you to perform basic and advanced editing. You can crop, trim and zoom the video. Control the speed of your videos and make them into fast forward and slow motion videos. Use layers for easy editing. You can use multiple layers such as logo layer, filter layer, effect layer and color layer etc. You can easily add text in your videos to create tutorials for social media platform.

Video editing software for pc

Clean user interface of video editing software

These video editors are clean and user-friendly. You can easily use this video editing software without any technical knowledge. Drop the video into the editor and start editing your videos professionally. You will find all features like effects, filters and transitions on the main editor screen. The user interface makes it easy to use without any experience. You can adjust the layout and change some settings according to your preferences.

Video editing software key framing

It is a great tool to animate your videos or you can also do animation if you have professional editing knowledge. You can edit videos professionally with animations and keyframes. You can fade, slide, bounce and animate anything in your videos. Easily create your own transitions and make video collages. Add images, gifs, stickers and text in your videos.

Video editing software for pc

Slow motion video editing software and more

You can professionally control your video speed to make it a slow motion or fast forward video. Feel the power of time in your hands and reverse your videos, slow down or speed up your videos and more. You can use various time effects in your video to make it more cool and impressive. Use presets to adjust the playback speed of your video.


Q. Is video editing software free for PC?

There are video editing tools available which are free and some are paid. If you want to do professional editing, you buy paid tools.

Q. How can I download Video Editing without paying anything?

Download the crack version of your favorite video editor and install it by following the given instructions to use paid tools without paying anything.

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