Videobuddy Apk v2.2.202003 Download 2022

If you are a person who likes to watch movies and different shows, here is an awesome app whose name is videobuddy which has so much video content for you that you can enjoy. This app not only shows you movies but you can also listen to music on this app which means you will never be bored again by having this app on your mobile device.

Videobuddy also gives you this amazing feature where you can download your favorite movies and shows from this app which you can save on your mobile device. It contains all kinds of movie and show categories which can be searched easily. This awesome app contains all old and new songs. That’s why millions of people love this app because it gives so much fun.

Videobuddy app has a simple user interface so that anyone can enjoy this app without any difficulty because everything in this app is easy to understand. When you watch movies and shows on this app, you will never experience buffering issues because it works very well. The optimization is also good now, let’s take a detailed look at the other main features of the videobuddy app.

Videobuddy Mod Apk

What is Videobuddy Apk?

Videobuddy is an excellent online video streaming app that offers so much content for their users to watch on it. This app is available in standard basic version which is launched by Jasper Studio developers and this app is free to download so you don’t need any money to get this app in your device. But while using videobuddy you will see lots of ads because this app supports popups and video ads. You will be disturbed by the ads of this video streaming app.

What is videobuddy Mod APK?

Videobuddy is also available in mod version which is also known as cracked version or mod apk. In this version you don’t have to follow the terms and conditions of this app because the mod version allows their users to enjoy this app as per their choice. You don’t need to accept the permissions of this app. While enjoying your music or movies in mod version, you will never see little popups and video ads because the mod apk does not contain ads, so you will never be irritated.

Videobuddy Mod Apk

To watch movies

This live streaming app offers you multiple movies which you can watch for entertainment. You will see full part of movies where you will get all kinds of movies like action, drama, romance, comedy, war, crime, sci-fi and many other genres which you can search on this app . This app provides you with a comprehensive list of different categories so you will never have any problems getting your favorite movies.

Web series

Nowadays, web series are getting popular on different platforms, but you don’t need so many apps to watch them because videobuddy also shares the features of web series with you. You just need to tap the button and it will show you all the latest trending web series which you can stream live on it. You can watch Bollywood and Hollywood series shows on this app without any problem. This app offers the best quality of videos, but all you need is a good internet connection.

Listen to music

If you are a music lover then this feature is for you because this app also has a full part for music lover where they can stream their favorite music. Developers of this app frequently add more new data in this app so while having this app you don’t need any other app like videobuddy because you will get everything here. You can easily find all your favorite artists and their songs on this platform, that’s why you will never get tired of it.

Supports multiple languages

Videobuddy is a great platform as it supports multiple languages ​​so anyone can easily configure this app in their language to use. If you are having trouble understanding any language then don’t worry as it supports English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Urdu, Arabic and many more which you can choose from. apply on this application. Videobuddy shows you the correct meanings in other languages ​​when you set them on it.

Download your favorites

This is a very unique and useful feature of videobuddy app because now you can even download your favorite movies, shows and music on this app. This app provides multiple options for this feature like when you download something it shows you different video qualities in which you want to download your movies. You can also convert your music video to an mp3 file which you can play in your mp3 music player. After downloading videos from this app, you can go to your gallery to watch them.

Built-in video player

Videobuddy also provides amazing video player which means you don’t need any other video player to watch movies as it has built-in video player. This video player has many different options that you can use like you can easily skip movies while watching. The brightness adjustment option is also there which you can control by swiping your finger up and down. It also has a screen lock option which is very useful when watching movies.

Videobuddy Mod Apk

No advertising

In the standard version of the videobuddy app, you will see many different advertisements which will interrupt your movies and shows on this app. But in mod version you will be interrupted again because videobuddy mod apk never support ads. There will be no ads in the mod version that’s why many people still prefer this version. So if you also hate ads while watching movies then go for videobuddy mod.

Anti-ban function

There are many video streaming apps on the internet that ban over time, but videobuddy mod apk has this strong anti-ban feature. When you use this app in mod apk you will never get banned or this app will never crash because of this amazing feature. So don’t hesitate to get this app in mod version because your app will never get banned.

Free premium feature

This is a great feature of the videobuddy mod version because in the standard version you have to purchase the premium features of this app. But the mod version provides all features and options of videobuddy for free. You can use the whole app without paying anything. That’s why people always love to use this app in the mod version. Get full access to this app for free only with mod version.


Videobuddy is indeed a great platform as it provides so many different content to watch which is why so many people enjoy this app to kill their boredom. If you also want all these features for free then click the download button and get this app for our website. Watch all your favorite videos on it and share your comments in the comment box.

Videobuddy Mod Apk


Q. How do I get a premium version of videobuddy for free?

If you don’t want to spend your money for the premium version then download videobuddy mod apk because in this version you will get the premium version of this app for free.

Q. Is videobuddy mod apk safe to download?

Yes! videobuddy mod apk is 100% safe to download as it has no threats or security issues so don’t hesitate to get this mod version app.

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