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You must have heard that some apps allow users to download videos from social media. You are not mistaken because such apps exist and they help users a lot. People like to upload the video they see on social media platforms and YouTube as well. But that was not possible a few years ago because there was a big restriction on downloading social media apps.

Now you can get all these videos using Vidmate app. Among all the amazing video downloader apps, why Vidmate? So there are so many reasons to prove it. This app allows you to download videos from social media as well as YouTube which was extremely prohibited by the platform. Apart from that, this app has many other things such as MP3 convertible videos and easy to use.

It’s not just a feature or two that are good in this app, there is a long list of the best things offered by this platform that you must read. We are going to discuss everything about Vidmate app so that you can know more clearly.

What is Vidmate APK?

Vidmate app is an amazing app through which you can download YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and TikTok videos for free. There are more than 100 apps where you can download videos about using Vidmate. The best part is that this app also allows you to download the videos for free and then convert them to MP3 format.

There are many other formats of videos supported in this app. You can choose any format and convert your downloaded videos to them. Therefore, this application provides a number of features which you can enjoy for free. There is also a mod version of Vidmate that you can experience.

What is Vidmate Mod APK?

Vidmate Mod APK is an awesome app for everyone as it is a modding version so of course it comes with a number of features which are added additionally. You can get rid of all ads that spoil your user experience in Vidmate and get better and more comfortable use of this app.

This app is improved and better in almost every aspect that’s why users love it. There is no strict limit for downloading the videos, but you can download as many videos as you want and enjoy the free features of this app.

Vidmate app download

Many of you would have been eager to download this app and start downloading the videos for free. We have a secure download link for you here on our website which would let you get this app instantly. Hit the download button and enjoy this app and its awesome features.

Vidmate App for Download YouTube Movies

Downloading movies has always been a pain for the users who cannot find valid and safe links to download the movies. It is now very easy to download videos and movies from YouTube which was quite difficult before. What you can do is open YouTube and find the online movie you want to download. Moreover, you can click its link, copy it, and then paste it into Vidmate’s search bar to download it. With the help of this app, you can enjoy all your favorite movies available on YouTube and watch them offline.

Vidmate Apk

Download Vidmate App APK

Vidmate has so many great features and options that you cannot find in any other app for free. You would be lucky enough to get this app from our website and use its most amazing features. So click on the download button and wait no longer to save all your favorite videos.

Download Vidmate App Install Old Version

Vidmate app also has an old version which you must see at least once. Many people are comfortable with the old version because this version is supported on many old Android devices. If you are using an old android phone then get this Vidmate app and enjoy its features easily.

Vidmate 2022 app download

Vidmate app has the latest version of 2022 which you must also try. This new version of Vidmate app is also available on our website, so buy it now and have fun.

Vidmate Apk


download videos

You can download the videos from any social media platform using this app. This is the first basic feature of this app which helps users to get the videos they like. You can also download videos from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Pinterest, Snapchat, YouTube and many more platforms.

Free video download

Videos to download are absolutely free for everyone. There is no need to pay any subscription fee or any other cost usually charged by other apps. You can use all features of Vidmate for free without spending your money. This application is designed in such a way to facilitate all users for free.


It is quite a lightweight application that does not burden your device. It is small in storage size and hence people even with low phone memory can download this app. There will be no problem running this app on your device which is a great thing people appreciate about this app.

Easy to use

Another good thing about this app is that it is very easy to use. You cannot learn everything about this application first and then use it, because it is very convenient for everyone to understand it.

Convert videos to songs

This app will also help you convert your videos to audio files. Many people like to listen to music offline by putting on their headphones. That is why, keeping this user habit in mind, the developers have provided this great feature. Now you can listen to your favorite songs by converting them to MP3 and saving them for offline listening.

Vidmate Apk


Vidmate is a dream come true app for all users who ever wanted to record social media videos. You can download any type of video with this app which is the best thing. You can get this application from our website immediately by clicking on the link below. So get this app today and search for complete entertainment. If you have something in mind that you want to share with us then the comment section is open for you to write anything on the Vidmate app.


Q. Can I download videos for free with Vidmate app?

Yes, you can download all videos for free with Vidmate app. There is no need to spend your money or make any in-app purchases to get the videos or use any feature of Vidmate.

Q. Do I need any additional software to run Vidmate app on my smartphone?

No, there is no need to download any additional software for this to your smartphone. The Vidmate app will be downloaded directly to your phone without any of these steps.

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